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Life Insurance

Insuring your life is must in the uncertain world to protect your loved ones as long as you have commitment to be fulfilled.

Why you need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is the only way you can protect your family in case of any uncertain incident happened with your life.

How much you need to insure?

Consider Mr.Sam, Aged 36 living with his wife and 2 kids aged 6 & 4earns Rs.7,50,000 per year (Post TAX) of which Rs.2,50,000 goes towards Home Loan EMI, Rs.1,00,000 towards savings and remaining Rs.4,00,000 towards Living Expense, Life Style Expense, Kid’s Education Expense, Travel Expense, Vehicle Expense & Miscellaneous Expense. He is insured only for 10lakh.

Considering his commitment gets over when his second kid completes his or her higher education his commitment gets over after 20yrs. On any uncertain event on his life his family get’s only 10lakh which will earn Rs.90,000 per year on 9% returns. Even if his home loan is insured with the proceedings from insurance his Expenses won’t be able to met completely.

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