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Budgeting your Income

Follow 80:20 rule with your income, with 80% towards Living Expenses, Loans and commitments, Life style Expenses and Entertainment and20% towards Savings for your financial goals.

Buying a House

Follow 40:30 rule, have 40% of your home cost towards initial payment and remaining opt for home loan and your EMI should not cost more than 30% of your Income

Buying a Car

Follow 30:20 rule, have 30% of Car cost towards Initial Payment and 20% of your Income towards paying your EMI for Car

Home ownership Rule

  • Don’t Buy a House that cost more than 5times of your Annual Income
  • Have at least 3times of your monthly income as a backup.
  • Have at least 10times of your annual income as Life Cover and cover all your debt for Disability.
  • Cover all your assets against Fire and theft.
  • Use your gadget at least for 5yrs as it minimizes per month usage cost.
  • If you are a business man change your car after 5yrs and if you are a salaried person change after 7yrs.
  • All your EMI payment should not cross 40% of your annual income.
  • Don’t touch the money you are saving for your Retirement
  • Your appetite for Earning more increases with savings not spending, hence Save MORE

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